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Tracer - Retail Lending

Tracer is a modular and flexible platform to automate your credit decisions based on scientific evidence through application and behavior scorecards. It includes a configurable workflow, a business rules engine and incisive reports to manage entire scoring, decisioning and origination process.

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Key Features

  • Workflow driven single automated system for origination and decisioning of applications for various retail lending products.
  • Option to host bank’s own scorecards or D&B Expert scorecards for various retail lending products. Easily define the elements and weightages associated with the scorecard.
  • A configurable rule engine with the ability to configure and validate various credit policies
  • Provides automated decision on credit application with an option of manual intervention.
  • Seamless integration with bank's legacy system, credit bureau and risk data marts.
  • Generates behavioral scores for existing customers based on latest demographic and transactional data.
  • Powerful MIS dashboard reports that assess demographic, portfolio and product performance.
  • Faster, consistent, unbiased, and accurate credit decisions based on scientific evidence.
  • Enables banks to configure their retail credit policies and validate them during application processing.
  • Assists in creating strategies for different risk profiles i.e., Risk-based pricing.
  • Reduction in turnaround time for application processing.
  • Useful Insights based on approval and rejection data.