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Retail Banking Solutions

In today’s networked economy where customers are much more informed, demanding and impatient, banks need to become more customer-centric. This requires mass-customization of products and services, velocity in delivery and accuracy in decisions. D&B’s retail banking solutions and services improve these capabilities to expand credit and improve portfolio performance.

Business Analytics

D&B provides comprehensive analytics solutions and services across customer life cycle to accurately predict risk, acquire and retain profitable customers, and identify the best market segments to lend.

Risk Analytics
Customer Analytics
Portfolio Performance

  • D&B’s risk analytics solutions enable the banks to predict, measure and mitigate risk for new as well as existing customers. We have an expertise in providing robust and accurate models even in data scarcity situation by leveraging on our vast credit bureau experience and off-the-shelf expert scorecards.


    • Application Scorecard
    • Risk Based Pricing
    • Fraud Detection
    • Limit Assignment

    Account Management

    • Behavioral Scorecard
    • Limit Management
    • Customer Risk Profile

    Collections & Recovery

    • Collections Scorecard
    • Recovery Scorecard
    • Roll Rate Modelling

    Portfolio Management

    • PD, LGD, EAD Models
    • Stress Testing
    • Loss Forecasting
    • Homogenous Risk Pools

    “A recent study by D&B estimated that 5% improvement in accuracy on new applicants’ credit decisions result in 1% increase in Net Revenues.”

  • Our customer analytics solutions enable the banks to identify right customer segments, offer right products and increase customer life time value.


    • Market Analysis
    • Response Modelling
    • Prospect Segmentation
    • Offer Testing
    • Campaign Optimization


    • Activation
    • Cross Sell / Up Sell
    • Relationship Based Pricing
    • Segmentation
    • Customer Engagement


    • Churn Prediction
    • Reactivation
    • Retention
    • Trigger Analysis
    • Customer Life Span

    Portfolio Management

    • Customer Life Time Value (CLTV)
    • Revenue Forecasting
    • Survey Analysis

    “Usage of Analytics can improve Returns on Marketing Investments by 30-50%.”

  • D&B’s portfolio performance management solutions provide deep insights across Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each product and functional area to facilitate strategic decisions.

    Information Factory

    Information Factory is a unique offering from D&B, which enables complete outsourcing of “information production” process. Banks benefit from D&B’s world class infrastructure, latest BI tools, business and technical expertise and substantial experience in industry. In this engagement model, D&B works with the bank to understand its information requirements and delivers the same through a variety of channels including portal, email, smart devices based on executives’ access rights and span of control. This eliminates the need of high capital expenditure and in-house specialists. Apart from information and actionable insights, D&B also provides useful recommendations based on its experience in local markets.

Credit Scoring and Decision Management Platform

D&B Tracer is a specialized solution that enables seamless integration and implementation of application and behavioral scorecards across multiple customer touch points to ensure that every decision is taken based on scientific evidence.

Tracer Logo


  • A single platform to manage all scorecards within appropriate governance framework.
  • Real time decisions on new applications.
  • Easy integration with all internal systems like core banking, CRM & LOS and external system such as credit bureau and D&B data.
  • In-built intelligent data library to store underlying scoring data and enable continuous tracking of scoring models.
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reports to provide valuable insights.
D&B’s Approach to Analytics

D&B’s holistic approach that comprise business alignment, models’ accuracy and widespread adoption to maximize the business impact sets it apart from its competitors.

After building the base models, D&B ensures seamless implementation and continuous tracking to deliver superior performance.

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