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Commercial Banking Solutions

Today, Banks need to demonstrate stricter adherence to regulatory requirements and Basel accords, while striving to improve the returns on its capital. This requires scientific methods for risk assessment of new and existing borrowers and the facilities extended. D&B’s commercial banking solutions enable superior risk management and identification of customer segments that offer superior risk adjusted returns on capital to boost portfolio performance.

Credit Risk Rating Models

D&B’s Credit Risk Rating Models for commercial borrowers enable the banks to predict, measure and mitigate risk for new as well as existing customers. The rating schema includes both the entity models to determine PD and facility models to assess LGD and EAD as per Basel norms and comprise of financial parameters as well as non-financial parameters. The models leverage on D&B’s vast database of business entities and its experience of working with central banks, commercial bureaus, regional banks and rating agencies globally and regionally.

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  • Specialized sector specific models for large commercial enterprises and SMEs.
  • SME Models for borrowers without financial statements.
  • Proven track record in managing credit risk for regional banks..

D&B also provides comprehensive revalidation and recalibration services to ensure higher accuracy and superior business results. These models can be configured and used either through D&B’s underwriting platform (D&B Sentinel), any third party system with similar capabilities or manually.

Risk Management Platforms

Credit Risk
Operations Risk

  • D&B Sentinel is a comprehensive credit risk rating and credit workflow solution for commercial entities including large corporates, SMEs and HNIs. Banks can configure their existing internal rating models or leverage on D&B’s expert industry specific rating models built based on its global expertise, local knowledge and Basel guidelines. The solution enables capturing both financial and non-financial parameters and provides dual rating (obligor as well as facility) to arrive at the final decision. The workflow module helps the bank in improving its credit assessment process efficiency and reduces processing time

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  • D&B Operational Risk Analyzer (ORA) is a comprehensive solution designed for operational risk management in Banks in accordance with the Basel II recommendations. The solution assists in identifying, measuring, monitoring and mitigating operational risks while providing the necessary infrastructure to capture bank wide operational losses and compute operational risk capital under the standardized approach.

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Value Added Services

D&B provides the following value added services for SME financing that enable credit expansion, superior risk management and faster turnaround time on credit applications.

Sectorial Research: D&B’s sectorial research reports can help the banks identify the industry segments that offer maximum growth and revenue opportunities with limited risk. The reports include sector overview, market size assessment, industry sector profiles, SME statistics and characteristics. These are prepared based on D&B’s proprietary database, insights from D&B experts, trade statistics, industry benchmarks and reference to its projects carried out for government bodies and regional banks.

Lead Generation: D&B provides comprehensive lead generation services that include list building, prospect analysis and campaign execution to deliver quality leads.

Due Diligence on Borrowers: D&B provides timely and accurate reports on prospective borrowers by conducting site visits and management interviews to improve quality of credit decisions and turnaround time.