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Risk Management
  • "I would like to personally thank each one of you for the dedication with which the entire activity was taken up. There is a lot of value that we have derived out of this and look forward to implementing some of the recommendations."
    Gayatri Buddha,
    Head Marketing of a large travel company in India describing the overall experience of working with D&B TU ADC

    "The predictive model for lapsation built by you and your team at D&B has been accepted by the senior management at HDFCSL and has been hailed as a critical first step towards improving customer persistency in the company.

    I would like to commend you on your professionalism and knowledge of statistical modeling and analytics. You have been very quick to grasp the life insurance business, our products and processes. I would like to add that your work ethic, positive attitude and customer centricity makes you a very effective partner to work with."
    Kajal Nair,
    Associate Vice President - Marketing manager of a large insurance company describing her experience after project closure

  • "Let me congratulate you for completing the Phase I of the project on schedule. You and your team have demonstrated great competence and sound professionalism. You all have demonstrated thorough grasp of Basel II and your presentation/communication skills are well appreciated. We hope you would demonstrate the same level of soundness and commitment as we progress to the next stage of the project. Well done."
    Emmanuel Moore Abolo,
    Chief Economist & Head, Group Market Risk Management - Access Bank PLC

    "I would like to thank you for the professionalism that you've shown. It wasn't only a training course, it was a cultural reunion, where nations meet together and share their thoughts and knowledge, and yes we've learned a lot, and we didn't learn from anyone, except the best."
    Muhannad Hamdan,
    Arab Bank plc

    "Working with Dun & Bradstreet was such a pleasant experience. While their expertise in implementing Risk Management frameworks was never in doubt, their professional approach and sense of commitment was a major value addition. Time lines were met and deliverables were very highly satisfactory."
    Adedayo Ajiboye,
    Operational Risk Management Desk, Syke Bank plc

    "The Operational Risk Analyzer (ORA) is the ultimate tool of addressing the micro level key process risks and mitigate them. This is an innovative solutions enabling quick and intelligent action, control and continually refine and update risk strategies. The USP is its comprehensiveness, coverage and user friendly usage."
    Sanjay Singh,
    Head - Operational Risk & Compliance, First Gulf Bank

  • "It gives us enormous happiness to be associated with great team for this prominent project. We have had very structured and professional team. I would like to thank D&B team for their cooperation throughout the project. I am grateful for the knowledge contributed towards adding value to the VAT framework."
    Abdulaziz Al Mulla,
    Senior Project Manager (VAT Program) - Dubai Customs

    "The leading edge product became a reality in less than 5 months due to the collaboration and hard work of the TransUnion associates and the Chennai COE (Analytic and Decision Centre) associates. The team worked seamlessly even though they were separated by time zones and continents. I am amazed by the capability and robustness of the application and very proud to be part of the team!"
    Mike Kiyosaki,
    EVP - TransUnion